Six cost-effective episodes developed for learning centres

committed to wellbeing, but short on time.

Designed for Wellbeing Lead teachers to run short professional learning sessions with staff.

Each episode includes:

  • A short teaching video with Dr Lucy Hone, Denise Quinlan and educators and psychologists experienced in staff and student wellbeing
  • A downloadable overview guide for Wellbeing Leads
  • A Teacher Activity handout
  • Further optional resources for each topic to watch, read or listen to

Topics are in a logical order that builds on previous knowledge, allowing you and your staff to accumulate a deeper understanding around you whole school wellbeing

Learning Outcomes

  • Build educator knowledge on topics that are the foundations of wellbeing in education
  • Stimulate discussion and learning amongst educators
  • Promote development of a shared language of wellbeing in the learning centre
  • Enhance staff confidence to address wellbeing topics in the classroom
  • Equip staff with practical evidence-based strategies.

"The BSL videos are manageable chunks of professional learning that have fitted well into part of our staff meeting, Teacher Only Day or meeting before school. The videos, plus activity guides and worksheets, provide practical advice, in an engaging way, to use straight away in your personal life, school setting or classroom. It has made us realise that our well being is up to us and that we can make small, manageable steps to improve it." Amanda Ferguson, Hinds School.

Designed for continual on-site professional learning

What is Bite-Size Learning and how to use it:


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Bite-Size Learning PREVIEW

Episode 1

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Dr Lucy Hone

Dr Lucy Hone is a published academic researcher, International Positive Education Network Global Rep, a best-selling author and contributor to Psychology Today. Senior adjunct fellow at the University of Canterbury, trained by thought-leaders in the field at the University of Pennsylvania, she is co-author of the Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing: A practical guide to getting started, best-practice process and effective implementation (Taylor & Francis, 2020). Her PhD was recognised for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing science at the World Congress in Positive Psychology in 2019. Dr Hone is currently working with large clusters of learning centres to promote regional wellbeing.


Dr Denise Quinlan

Dr Denise Quinlan was ‘present at the birth of Positive Education’, training educators in the UK and Australia as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Resilience Program/Positive Education team. Author of the Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing: A practical guide to getting started, best-practice process and effective implementation (Taylor & Francis, 2020), she is a senior adjunct fellow at the University of Canterbury, collaborates with researchers and practitioners globally and hosts Bringing Wellbeing To Life, a popular podcast on wellbeing topics.