How does it work?

This self-paced course will be your a companion guide as you work through the first years of wellbeing change.

Giving you the information you need in a logical sequence to give you the big picture, and help you feel in control of the process.

In each Session you'll get:

Key insights on the session topic in a short video discussion with Dr Denise Quinlan, Dr Lucy Hone, and Senior Trainer, Adrienne Buckingham.

  • A downloadable PDF summary of each session's main points.
  • Reflection questions to help you relate this material to your own professional practice.
  • Additional resources including podcasts, videos and readings for those who want to dig deeper.

You'll use our Wellbeing Change Wheel to lead change - a proven process that can help you share the load and build wellbeing even through challenging times.

Course Curriculum

Session 1: The wellbeing change process: myths and reality

You’ll gain a clear overview of what’s involved in wellbeing change. We’ll bust some myths and explain why wellbeing change is not an off-the-shelf roll out, and why you need an inclusive approach that fits your culture.

Session 2: The Wellbeing Change Wheel 

With the wheel of wellbeing change you’ll have a visual reminder of the essential steps to build whole-school wellbeing. You’ll get a process to follow that produces contextualised, individualised wellbeing plans that fit your learning centre.

Session 3: Gathering information: an essential first step

You can’t plan change without first knowing where you are. You’ll get two tools in this session to help collect your wellbeing histories and establish a baseline snapshot of current wellbeing. 

Session 4: Gathering information: the wellbeing stocktake

This process will give you get a clear picture what you already do to support wellbeing for staff, students and community. It will help you acknowledge and value the people doing the wellbeing work. 

Session 5: Gathering information: the wellbeing inquiry

After this session you’ll be able to identify the current strengths of your school, and create a compelling vision of the future that engages all your school community.

Session 6: Wellbeing frameworks and models

You’ll learn how wellbeing models can create a shared understanding and language of what wellbeing means to your community. You’ll also learn how a wellbeing model can help keep your wellbeing change on track.

Session 7: Building your wellbeing team

You want a Wellbeing Team to represent the whole school. You’ll learn how a good Wellbeing Team ensures wellbeing plans and actions serve the needs of your whole school community.

Session 8: Developing your wellbeing plan

Learn how to develop and implement plans that enable you to make important progress without overwhelming anyone in your first year of wellbeing work.

Session 9: Conducting a wellbeing review

Learn how to you can use the Wheel of Wellbeing Change to conduct a review that celebrates success and identifies priorities for the year ahead.

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